The Morton Highlanders in full dress uniforms.

 The band was founded in 1963 with one piper and three students.  Under the name The Peoria Pipe Band. The original members practiced at the American Legion Post #2  facility on Monroe Street near Spalding High School in Peoria, Illinois. Tommy Livingstone, who had come from Dunblane, Scotland in his early twenties was the band's founding Pipe-Major.  Tommy started piping at age eight, and continued piping until his death at age 87.  He has been called "the father of piping in Central Illinois."  The band was for several years based in Morton, Illinois during which time it was known as The Morton Highlanders and wore the Royal Stewart tartan.  Continued growth of the band and a need for more room prompted a move in 1994 to St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Peoria. Soon after the move, the band changed its name to Celtic Cross Pipes and Drums and changed its tartan to Flower of Scotland.  Currently, due to growth in the band, we have pipers coming to us from all around Central Illinois, and recently changed our rehearsal location to a place more central to everyone.  We currently rehearse at Eureka Christian Church, Eureka, Illinois on Thursday evenings. Visitors and prospective students are always welcome.

Shown to the left the Morton Highlanders in full dress uniforms.